Thank you for your inquiry about.

Since it was linked with your Criminal case you would need to contact the courthouse where your file was out of to see if you have unpaid fines.  It would make a difference whether you were 1) found guilty of the charges- if so there would have likely been fines owing OR; 2) the charges were withdrawn as part of a plea deal or you were found innocent after trial.  The court will have all the information on what convictions went on your licence and if there are any outstanding fines.

Best of Luck getting it all sorted out.

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 my question is at one point i had never had a drivers license and had got
caught for driving with no license and no insurance this was also linked to
a criminal case that is settled but when i went to traffic court to see
about paying it they said its not in their system but its linked to a
criminal case i have un paid fines but i have my g1 i dont understand why ?
shouldn’t i have to pay those fines first ? before getting my g1