Cambridge Traffic Ticket Defence

If you live in Cambridge, and have speeding tickets, careless driving charges or any other traffic ticket (from Cambridge or elsewhere in Ontario), and would like to know your options – whether you can fight your charges in Court and how – please contact our Cambridge traffic ticket defence team for help.

Our Cambridge traffic ticket agents offer you a free consultation on any charge, and promise honest, candid advice.


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Walk-ins are always welcome at our Kitchener Office: 9-4:30 Monday to Friday, our office is open 9-5. We can also discuss your case with you by telephone, or you can just send us an email if you prefer.

If you would like to fight your Careless Driving or Stunt Driving charge, Speeding Ticket, and avoid demerit points, call us today. Backed by years of experience in Court, and a good reputation within the courts, our specialists on traffic tickets in Cambridge can defend your speeding ticket and any other traffic ticket. Get a free, no-obligation traffic ticket consultation now.