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Hello Casey, If you receive a suspension in Quebec it will be recognized by Ontario. You would need to speak to the MTO regarding the demerit point issue. Unfortunately, we do not handle tickets in any other Province of Canada except Ontario. Kevin Subject Other...

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Incorrect Spelling of First Name

Inquiry: I got a ticket for failing to sign my permit in ink and the officer spelt my first name incorrectly. I heard this means the ticket is void. Is that correct? Reponse:  That would not be correct.  While we do need to be aware of any errors on a ticket, a simple...

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Careless Driving Ticket-Collision

Inquiry:  I was involved with a rear end collision. I was unable to stop my car in time for a red light. The surface was fine but I did feel a skid of my car. I called the police immediately and was given an incident number and was told to go to the collision center....

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