MTO charges for Commercial Drivers

If you are a commercial driver, one that drives for a living, protecting your driving record is even more important to you. Getting your CVOR certificate suspended and losing your driver’s licence means losing your livelihood.

Commercial truck drivers typically constitute an average of 20% of all vehicular traffic at any given time. They are among the safest, most conscientious and competent drivers on the road. But because they are professional drivers, commercial drivers are judged by a different standard than pleasure drivers. To be more accurate, they have additional standards.

For example, if a commercial driver is issued a ticket as a result of an accident, their CVOR number is sent to the Ministry of Transportation. The corresponding number of CVOR points, (not the demerit points) are applied against the commercial driver’s CVOR certificate. Too many CVOR points, and your CVOR certificate gets suspended.

We know how to deal with CVOR issues. If you are a commercial driver and you have been charged with a traffic offence, contact one of our ticket defence offices immediately. We’ll give you an obligation-free assessment of your situation at no charge.