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We have a network of Offices and Agents throughout the Province, which allows us to assist you with any traffic ticket, anywhere in Ontario. You can hire us no matter where the charge occurred and we will get the right Agent in Court for you.
Careless Driving, or any charge resulting from an accident, Stunt Driving or Racing, Speeding, Fail To Remain, Cell Phones, Stop Signs, Red Lights (sorry, no Red Light Camera charges), Drive Suspended or Driving without Insurance, Dangerous Driving or any other Criminal Driving offence, Professional Driver MTO charges, or any other traffic offence? Ticket Defenders®* can help!

At Ticket Defenders®*, we defend your Ontario Traffic Tickets.

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Topic: Ticket Defenders Blog - 2018-02-07 23:24:29

Hello Kristen The Officer's name and signature must be present on the ticket in order for it to be valid. The ticket may not be automatically withdrawn, as there may be a legal argument that must b…
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