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Stunt Driving Inquiry Questions

Stunt Driving Thank you for your inquiry.  Your questions are very important and are ones that we get quite often.  I would like to address them one by one in bullet point so it is easier for reading: Q. If you got a ticket for stunt driving and in the 'did commit the...

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Stunt Driving – Help!

Stunt Driving Question: I got a stunt driving charge. They took my car and suspended my license. I was going 55 over - please help. I had my cruise set lower, I don't know what happened. Response: You are in the right place. We will defend your charge, or reduce it to...

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Stunt Driving Summons

Stunt Driving summons Question: I need help fighting a Stunt driving charge, I have to go to court in Toronto. Response: We can certainly assist. We would need to know if the stunt charge is based on speed, or other alleged offences. Rest assured that no Firm is...

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Stunt Driving Charge

Response: Stunt driving is a very serious charge and you need professional assistance. While there is no distinction between adults and youths, unless you were charged with a criminal offence, you certainly have a clear defence to the charge based on this fact...

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Stunt Driving and Licence Suspension

Inquiry:   I got my license suspended in march for apparent stunt driving. 52 km over.  I am still in the process of fighting this in court. I had gotten back my license card when I got my vehicle release forms. Now I am freaking out because I did not pay a fee of...

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Inquiry:  The 21 of junary I was convinced in Ontario court of justice of the offence of stunt driving. I was controlled by the police 50 km/h over the speed limit of 80 km/h with a car I rented for a week end. I was sentenced to pay a fine of 2000 $ + 500 $ of charge...

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Outstanding Fines and Licence Suspension

Inquiry:  My licence has been suspended for about 4 years now for stunt driving, driving with a suspended licence, no insurance, and expired sticker. I have been to court and got a huge fine. I got a payment plan from the courts that I never stuck too. I need my...

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Stunt Driving – Rate Of Speed

Inquiry:  I was passing a vehicle on my motorcycle at a two way highway where the speed limit is 80 km/h. The passage was made where is permited, doted line. When i got back in the lane the car in front of me was an unmarked opp and it clocked me at 139 km/h. I got...

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Stunt Driving

Inquiry:  My friend got a stunt driving ticket after we parked it infront of the school and bumped the steps. However, the ticket has the location of a different school. Also we live in Canada. Response:  It appears that your area of Canada is one that we area unable...

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Traffic Ticket Defence – Stunt Driving?

Inquiry:  Honked and waved at an officer conducting a speed trap. He pulled me over for "performing a stunt or activity likely to distract startle or interfere with other drivers" Will this stand in court? Response:  That does sound outside of the usual scenario for a...

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