Racing Charge Ticket

A Racing charge is intended to help control performance of a race, or stunt, on a roadway while operating a motor vehicle. As such, a Racing charge covers many different actions taken while driving and, therefore, a Race ticket can be issued for a number of different behaviours.

How is Race defined? Why did I get a Racing ticket?

Most frequently, a racing charge is issued to individuals who exceed the posted speed limit by 50km/hr or more. However, the wording of this charge seems confusing. If you were speeding alone, how does one perform a Race with no competition? It is important to keep in mind that you have not been charged with the wording “Race”. Instead, you have been issued a Race charge under sec.172 of the Highway Traffic Act, and it encompasses many acts on the roadway. Some of these acts are as follows:

  • Exceeding the speed limit by 50km/hr or more above the posted rate
  • Driving two or more motor vehicles, above the posted rate of speed, and/or in a manner that suggests the two motor vehicles are engaged in a competition
  • Driving in a manner that suggests an intention to chase a motor vehicle
  • Driving without due care or with lack of attention for others on the roadway
  • Driving in any manner that may endanger others using the roadway
  • Repeatedly changing lanes while close to other motor vehicles, in an attempt to advance through the normal flow of traffic

This is just a short list outlining some of the possible acts that can result in a Race charge. There are many additional behaviors for which a Race ticket can be given.

Penalties for being convicted on the basis of a Racing charge

Penalties from a Racing charge can vary greatly. The court will take into consideration what has actually happened, as well as your prior driving record.

Some penalties you might expect are the following:

  • The minimum fine handed out by the Courts is $2,000. The maximum fine is $10,000
  • This charge (if you are convicted) carries 6 demerit points and up to a 5-year licence suspension
  • If you receive a second charge of this nature within 10 years, the penalties increase substantially

Fight your Race charge and save your money and points

Considering all the negative impacts that a conviction upon a Racing charge can have on your life, it is of the utmost importance that you seek professional assistance right away. We know, from experience, that many cases for a Race ticket can indeed be successfully defended in court.

Ticket Defenders* absolutely can be of assistance to you in defending your ticket in court; of course, what we can do and how we can help varies greatly depending on the details of your case and the circumstances that led to issuing the Race ticket in the first place. To get your free, no obligation consultation, please contact one of our Ontario ticket defence offices, or simply send us an online request for a free consultation in regards to your Racing charges and your chances for successfully defending your Race ticket in court.