Ontario Demerit Points

The Ontario Demerit Points System is designed to penalize drivers that have accumulated too many demerit points. A driver begins with zero demerit points and accumulate points when convicted of an Ontario Highway Traffic Act offence. Demerit points stay on your record for two years starting from the date the offence was made.

New drivers that accumulate nine demerit points will have their licence suspended for 60 days. Licenses of fully licensed drivers will be suspended for 30 days upon accumulating 15 demerit points.

In addition to the fines and sanctions imposed by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, demerit points can also drastically increase the insurance premiums you pay.

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Below is a table of various Ontario Highway Traffic Act violations and their corresponding demerit points.


Violation (Description of Offence)Highway Traffic Act OffenceDemerit Points
Fail to Remain2007
Careless Driving1306
School Bus1756
Speeding 50+1286
Speeding 30-491284
Speeding 16-291283
Speeding 1-151280
Follow Too Closely1584
Fail to YieldVarious Sections3
Stop Sign & Red Lights3
Fail to Report Accident3
Unsafe Move – Lane or Shoulder1543
Wrong Way153/1563
Improper TurnsVarious Sections2
Fail to Share Road1482
No Seatbelt1062
Prohibited TurnsVarious Sections2