Ontario Traffic Violations

Careless Driving

A Careless Driving Charge is one of the most serious traffic charges. It is defined as driving without due care and attention under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. Possible penalties include a fine of at least $425.00 and a drastic increase in insurance rates for a period of 3 to 6 years.

Stunt Driving Ticket

Stunt Driving is a a new section added to the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. Stunt Driving charges are laid without discretion and have the effect of tripling your insurance.

Speeding Tickets

Conviction of a Speeding Ticket charge can result to a fine, demerit points and possible suspension of your driving licence. We can save you money, and points, by having your charges successfully dismissed, withdrawn, or reduced.

Driving with a Suspended Licence

Diving with a suspended licence is one of the more serious charges that you can receive under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. A conviction from a Drive Suspended charge carries a fine of $1,000-$5,000, a 6 month license suspension and possibility of jail time.

Driving with No Insurance

Did you know that a conviction from a No Insurance charge carries the highest minimum fines under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act? First time offences carry a fine of at least $5,000. While subsequent convictions carry a file of not less than $10,000!

Accident Charges

Call Ticket Defenders* immediately if you have been charged as a result of an accident. We have the skill and experience required to examine all of the evidence and the Police Officer’s findings.

Racing Charges

A Racing charge covers many different actions while driving such as exceeding the speed limit by 50km/hr or more, or driving in a manner that suggests an intention to chase another motor vehicle. Conviction usually carries a minimum fine of $5,000 and 6 demerit points.

Commercial Drivers (CVOR)

Being a Commercial Driver, we understand that protecting your driving record is even more important for you. Getting your CVOR suspended or losing your driver’s licence means losing your livelihood. If you have been charged with a traffic offence, contact one of our ticket defence offices immediately.

Red Light Ticket

If you are found guilty, a conviction from a Red Light or Amber Light, Fail to Stop charge will carry 3 Demerit Points and a fine of at least $180-$325.

Seatbelt Ticket

Seatbelt charges carry a fine of $240.00 and two demerit points. A conviction will also likely cause an increase to your insurance rates.

Impaired Driving (DUI/DWI) Ticket

Impaired Driving or DUI is a criminal offence. When charged with Impaired Driving/DUI, it is important for you to realize that you need assistance and representation right away. You need professional help if you want to fight your Impaired Driving charges in court.

Over 80 Charges

An Over 80 charge is a serious criminal charge with significant ramifications. We can provide you with a free initial consultation with a reputable lawyer to discuss your options and your right.

Marijuana Charges

With all the confusion surrounding the new cannabis laws enacted in Canada in 2018, breaking the law unintentionally is unfortunately possible. Ticket Defenders* can help you fight any type of cannabis charge you have received.

Cell Phone Use

Ontario legislation prohibits the use of mobile phones and other hand-held devices – including tablets and music devices – while operating your motor vehicle on the roadway.

Criminal Driving Offences

If you have received a criminal driving charge, call us today at Ticket Defenders*. Let us help you by providing you with a free consultation regarding your case.

Fail to Remain

Fail To Remain is one of the most serious charges under the Highway Traffic Act. Contact us today at Ticket Defenders* and let us help you fight this charge.

Distracted Driving – Cell Phone

Cell phone charges are seldom negotiable but if the Police Officer is mistaken, and you did not use or touch your phone while driving, then you should let us help you fight the ticket. If you are innocent, we will defend you.

Highway Traffic Act Offences

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