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Speeding Ticket Ontario: Consequences & Advice

Speeding ticket Ontario?  Most drivers have gone or will eventually go over the speed limit. Though the penalties for a conviction will vary depending on the driver’s speed, it will affect your driving record, your insurance rates and can lead to other severe...

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Wrong Speed Limit On Speeding Ticket (?)

Inquiry:   I was given a speeding ticket - 86k in 60k zone as stated on the ticket.  The zone is however 50k (I took pictures) and I was driving with the flow of traffic. I have a clean driving record, I have not had a speeding ticket in 15 years. I will still go to...

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Wrong Gender On Speeding Ticket

Inquiry:  I got my first speeding ticket (first ticket in general) and they wrote on the ticket that I was a male, I'm a female and he added 2km to the speed I was doing. I didn't see this until after I left. The speed I was doing was 72 in a 50 (he showed me the gun...

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Speeding Ticket With Wrong Date Of Offence

Inquiry:   Hi I received my first speeding ticket yesterday (speeding 60km in a 50km zone) - October 22; however, the officer wrote down October 16th as the date of the offense. Is this worth fighting? Response:  The charge does not carry demerit points, but is...

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Name Spelled Incorrectly On Speeding Ticket

Inquiry:  Hello, I just got my first speeding ticket today :/ and I was looking over the ticket and they spelt my name wrong, I've heard that if the officers do spell your name wrong it makes the ticket invalid, is this true? Response:   The incorrect spelling of your...

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Speeding Ticket – Error In Recorded Name

Inquiry:  I got a speeding ticket but the officer put my first name as my last name, middle name as my last name and first name as my midle name. Do I still have to pay even though that person is not me? Response:  It is likely that your ticket  contains your correct...

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