Traffic tickets can be expensive. They can also have a massive impact on your driver’s licence status and your insurance. Along with a traffic ticket, you could get higher insurance rates, demerit points, licence suspension and, on severe offences, a criminal record. The only way to avoid these consequences is to fight your traffic ticket.

When you fight a ticket and win, you won’t have to pay the fine or face any of the consequences of the charges. But, even if you don’t win, you could get the charges reduced, which is already good news, isn’t it?

Why should you be concerned about a driving ticket?

Though some people just want to pay the fine and be done with it, traffic tickets can have a more significant impact than in the driver’s pockets. Apart from the actual cost of the fine, getting a ticket stays on the driver’s records for years, depending on the charges.

A ticket can lead to demerit points, which can turn into a licence suspension, later on. It also leads to an increase in insurance rates or even insurance cancellation. The insurance company can also decide not to renew your policy. Potentially, if the charges are severe enough, the driver could face jail time and get a criminal record.

If you find that you have a chance of at least reducing the charges of your ticket, take it.

What to consider before fighting a traffic ticket?

Before fighting any charges, here are a few questions you can ask yourself to assess the situation:

  • Will you get demerit points on your driver’s licence?
  • Could the added points cause your licence to be suspended or lead to any other consequences?
  • Are the consequences and penalties of the charges severe?
  • Will your insurance rates be increased?
  • How long will it stay on your record?
  • Do you believe you have ground to contest the ticket?

If you’re not sure whether it’s worth fighting your traffic ticket, you can get a free professional evaluation.

When you fight a traffic ticket there are no guarantees you can win, and it may be time-consuming, but, more often than not, charges can be reduced or even dropped.

What are some of the most common tickets you should fight?

Most traffic tickets deserve a closer look before you pay the fine, even if the consequences aren’t severe at first. Later on, they could accumulate with other offences and impact your life.

Traffic tickets that lead to drastic consequences, such as careless driving or speeding tickets, should be fought in most cases. Other charges you could consider fighting are:

  • Drive suspended
  • Impaired driving
  • Use of cell phone or handheld devices while driving
  • Fail to remain
  • Criminal driving offences
  • Highway Traffic act offences
  • Red light tickets

Why should you fight a traffic ticket?

There are many advantages to contesting traffic tickets. Here are some of the benefits we’ll go through:

  • Getting all charges dropped
  • Reducing charges and penalties
  • Keeping insurance rates from increasing
  • Saving your job, if you’re a commercial driver
  • Maintaining your driving record as is

Getting all charges dropped

The main reason why you should contest a traffic ticket is the possibility of getting the charges dropped. It’s the best-case scenario, obviously, but it happens quite often. Perhaps, the police officer’s assessment of the situation wasn’t correct, and you’re able to prove it in court. That means you won’t have to deal with any penalties, demerit points or pay the fine.

Reducing charges and penalties

When you fight a ticket, if the allegations are not dismissed, you can still get them reduced. Getting the penalties diminished might be the difference between keeping your licence or not. Or your current insurance policy.

For example, if you got a ticket for careless driving and you manage to get it reduced to distracted driving, the penalties will be entirely different. The latter will give you fewer demerit points, a less expensive fine to pay and no licence suspension.

Keeping insurance rates from increasing

A traffic ticket can lead to increased insurance rates or worse, cancellation of the policy. But, when you fight a traffic ticket and get it reduced, it could help you keep your current policy. Insurance companies can keep the higher rates for years depending on your charges.

Saving your job, if you’re a commercial driver

Another considerable advantage of fighting your traffic ticket, if you’re a commercial driver of any sort, is keeping your job. Commercial drivers can’t have certain convictions on their records.  To say that getting the charges reduced is crucial is an understatement.

Maintaining your driving record as is

Regardless of your occupation, preserving a clean driving record is vital. Some offences could lead to a licence suspension, criminal record and even, jail time.

How can you defend charges?

For many people, the laws can be quite confusing. Traffic tickets aren’t any different. Traffic legislation, though essential to maintaining a safe road for everyone, can be complicated.

When you get a traffic ticket, you have the following options:

  • Pay it
  • Ask for a reduced penalty
  • Set a trial date

Keep in mind that paying the ticket is considered an admission of guilt, so any further penalties will also apply.

For the other two options, you can decide to represent yourself, which will be time-consuming and might not be your best bet for winning. Or, you can get professional help. A traffic agent can help you determine the best strategy for your defense, based on the specifics of your charges.

A paralegal or expert will be able to evaluate whether there were any mistakes made in the traffic ticket. That alone could help you get the charges dropped. But they can also analyze the situation you were in, to either, challenge the officer’s point of view, or justify your actions.

Key Takeaway

To decide whether a traffic ticket is worth fighting or not, ask yourself what will be the consequences and if you have a chance of reducing the charges. To ensure you are making the right decision, contact our traffic agents for a free consultation.

The fines and penalties of traffic tickets vary depending on the charges and your current driving record, but they could potentially add demerit points, suspend your licence, raise your insurance rates and be quite expensive. Fighting a traffic ticket gives you a chance of getting your charges reduced or better yet, dropped.

If the court decides to drop the charges, you won’t have to pay any fine, there won’t be any demerit points, and your insurance rates will remain intact.

Talk to one of our experts and find out if you have a fighting chance.