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Kevin Burrows

Kevin Burrows, President

Company History

‘Ticket Defenders®’ is a trademark coined by Kevin Burrows in 2002 when the company was rebranded. The Firm’s history reaches back to the 1980s to a company called ‘Streetwise Paralegal’ founded by a retired Waterloo Regional Police Officer, Charlie Nagy. As a Firm, we are one of the oldest and most established Ticket Defence Firms in the Province.

In 1999 Kevin Burrows, a former Assistant Crown Attorney, Defence Lawyer, and Traffic Court Prosecutor purchased Streetwise from Charlie, and hired a retired OPP Officer, Jim Wittig to handle the paralegal side of the Firm. Eventually another former Traffic Court Prosecutor would take Jim’s place, when Mr. Wittig moved on to begin his own independent practice. Jim would later become a Provincial Prosecutor.

In 2002, Streetwise purchased another paralegal firm called ‘Ticket Defence’ from Chuck Peltz, a retired Provincial Court Prosecutor who had entered into private practice after retirement from his prosecutorial Position. For a period of time Kevin had a former partner, Ronald Harper, who is no longer associated with Ticket Defenders Professional Corporation and has no relationship to Ticket Defenders*.

Ticket Defenders Professional Corporation is known as one of the big 4 Firms in the Province, and is probably the most prominent Firm in Southwestern Ontario, focusing on the area between Windsor and Toronto, i.e. the Toronto-Windsor corridor. The Firm also has professional relationships with Law Offices and Paralegal companies all across Ontario and can act on behalf of local clients to ensure that their case can be handled effectively wherever the offence may have occurred.

Ticket Defenders* has enjoyed strong growth and success, based on solid professionalism, real court experience, exceptional service, and competitive pricing. We are very proud of our respected industry reputation and our Firm has spawned court staff, other company owners, and Provincial Prosecutors. However, don’t just take our word for it: please, take a moment, and read through some of the testimonials from our clients.

How do I choose the right Ticket Defender?

  1.  The term “Ticket Defenders” is a Canadian registered trademark and refers to one company only: Ticket Defenders Professional Corporation, which is the paralegal division of Burrows Professional Corporation ‘Law Firm’.
  2. Any other Firm or company that uses the phrase does so improperly in an attempt to confuse the public and should be avoided.
  3. When choosing a Firm to represent you on a traffic charge, make sure to read Google reviews but also call the Firm or Company to form your own opinion.
  4. Years in business and the level of education and training of the Owner and staff are also important.
  5. If you can get a referral from a trusted source, that is also a good consideration.
  6. Beware of guarantees, they are not permitted by the rules of professional conduct in most provincial law societies.

Why Hire Former Prosecutors

Once a Police Officer lays a charge, his or her control and discretion are at an end and the only remaining task is to appear as a witness for the Prosecution in order to testify. The charge is now completely in the hands of the Prosecutor.

In the Court system it is the Prosecutor who runs the Court. It is the Prosecutor’s task to assign charges as he or she sees fit. Only a Prosecutor can ask for a charge to be withdrawn; only a Prosecutor can agree to plea bargain to a reduced charge and, if the matter proceeds to trial, it is the Prosecutor who asks all the questions, conducts the case and argues the law.

If you proceed to defend your ticket, you will be faced with a Prosecutor who handles Court cases all day, every day. Wouldn’t it make sense to hire a company run by a former Prosecutor in order to help balance the scale? At Ticket Defenders*, our Principal has worked in the Courts since 1989 and has acted as both an Assistant Crown Attorney in the Criminal Courts, and as a Traffic Court Prosecutor in Provincial Offences Court.

Senior Management Team

  • Kevin Burrows, President
  • Jessica Urbach, Director of Operations
  • Amy Foster, Supervising Provincial Manager