Traffic Ticket Defence - Operate No Insurance

No Insurance – 2017-11-13

Subject No Insurance Name Lisa Inquiry My fiance was charged twice for no insurance. He plead guilty both times. But was unable to make payments due to circumstanses. This was about 10 years ago. Would there be a warrant for this, he is in need of renewing his german...

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No Insurance – 2017-07-14

Hello Mark, There are 2 possible charges: A ticket for failing to produce the certificate when asked. This charge is complete when you fail to produce it and showing at a later stage that you had valid insurance does not matter. This is too minor of a charge to...

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Traffic Ticket Defence – No Insurance

Hello David, This is a second no insurance charge and the minimum fine will be $10,000 + victim fine surcharge. It will not assist you to wait until September. If you do not attend court they will set an ex part trial date and convict you in your absence. You need...

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Suspended With No Insurance

Subject Drive Suspended Name Tanya Inquiry I got pulled over with a suspended and no insurance what will happen Hi Tanya, These are serious charges and you need professional assistance. Drive Suspended, even a first offence, carries a minimum $1,000 fine plus victim...

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Operate M/V – No Insurance – 2015-01-26

Inquiry:   I have auto insurance but my insurance card is expired. Can I be waived the charge if I go to the police station and present an updated insurance card?  Many thanks. Response: If you have been charged for driving without insurance (rather than not having...

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Inquiry:  Hi, My brother got pulled over twice driving without insurance and received large amounts of tickets for no insurance. Can he still renew his plate sticker without paying those fines? Response:     OPERATE MOTOR VEHICLE - NO INSURANCE carries a minimum total...

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Unpaid Fines- No Insurance

Inquiry:   I have unpaid fines for no insurance in Ontario from 1995-1996. I know live outside of Ontario and had a drivers license here but when i went to renew it these fines popped up and i want to pay them but don't know where to send payment. Can you tell my...

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