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Incorrect Postal Code On Summons

Inquiry:  I Was Just Pulled Over In Toronto On Danforth And I Got 3 Tickets 1 For No Insurance 1 For Use Plate Not Authorized For Motor Vehicle And 1 For Fail To Apply For Permit And Become Owner I Got Home And Looked Over The Ticked And Noticed That On All 3 Tickets...

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Impounded Vehicle And No Insurance

Inquiry: I got stopped yesterday because the local police received a call saying that I had run through a stop sign. They asked for my papers, and my drivers licence was okay (but they were unable to find it in their computer system, for some reason), my registration...

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Speeding And Expired Insurance Slip

Question:   I got a speeding ticket in Windsor on Dougall PKY at 6th concession. I was fined for doing 110km in an 80km zone. I was stopped just feet away from where the speed limit increased to 100km/h. I told the officer I had set my cruise to 100 just prior to the...

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