Traffic Ticket Defence - Careless Driving

Can you beat a Careless Driving Charge?

Careless Driving is a very broadly worded charge and includes driving without due care or attention, or consideration for other users of the roadway. The driving must be sufficient to warrant intervention by the courts i.e. be deserving of punishment. An accident in...

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Careless Driving

Careless Driving Traffic Ticket Question: I hit a car from behind, accident, and they charged me with Careless Driving? Response: We can defend that charge, please call for a free consultation 1-866-801-8299. Careless is a serious charge and carries 6 demerits. No...

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Careless Driving Serious Accident

Careless Driving - might be a fatality... Question: I do not know where to turn. I was in a careless driving accident and the Police said they are going to charge me with Careless and the person is seriously injured and I don't know if he will live. What do I do?...

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Careless Driving – 2015-10-07

Question: Do you guys fight these charges, and do I have to attend court? Response: Yes, we not only fight them - this is the #1 charge that we defend. Whether you have to attend court will depend on the facts of your case and your instructions. If your instructions...

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Can you win a Careless Driving Ticket?

Can you win a Careless Driving Ticket? Question: I got in an accident but was not careless driving. I want to fight and win a careless driving ticket. Everyone I talk to seems to want me to plead guilty. I don;t want to plead guilty at all. Response: We will need to...

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Defending Careless Driving in Ontario

Post: Subject Careless driving Name caleb Inquiry Hey I was in an accident this past weekend. I was on a back road and swerved to avoid a racoon lost control and crashed. I was the only one involved no one was hurt but I was charged with careless driving. Is there any...

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