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Fatal Ticket Errors

Fatal Ticket Error Hello, Thank you for your inquiry on a fatal ticket error. While you are absolutely correct that there can be fatal ticket errors on traffic tickets that could end up in the case not proceeding against you this, unfortunately, is not one. That does...

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Warning Ticket

Hello Nancy, Warning Ticket inquiry? If you received a warning, it does not have to be contested, as the ticket would not contain a fine payable to the Court, or options on how to dispute the ticket. More information on traffic tickets can be found on our website....

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Turn Not in Safety

Hello Karen, Please call our office (toll-free from anyplace in Ontario) at 1-866-801-8299 to discuss your offence of "turn not in safety" in greater detail. The discussion is free, but there are questions that we need to ask you in order to determine your options....

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Hello Casey, If you receive a suspension in Quebec it will be recognized by Ontario. You would need to speak to the MTO regarding the demerit point issue. Unfortunately, we do not handle tickets in any other Province of Canada except Ontario. Kevin Subject Other...

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