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Outside The Limitation Period

Thank you for your inquiry.  You should contact the court where the majority of your charges are out of and ask to schedule an appointment to meet with a Justice of the Peace to work out a payment plan.  Unfortunately, you are well outside of the limitation period to...

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Criminal Case

Thank you for your inquiry about. Since it was linked with your Criminal case you would need to contact the courthouse where your file was out of to see if you have unpaid fines.  It would make a difference whether you were 1) found guilty of the charges- if so there...

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Fatal Ticket Errors

Fatal Ticket Error Hello, Thank you for your inquiry on a fatal ticket error. While you are absolutely correct that there can be fatal ticket errors on traffic tickets that could end up in the case not proceeding against you this, unfortunately, is not one. That does...

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Unpaid Smoke – Free Ontario Fine

Unpaid Smoke-Free Ontario Fine Response Thank you for your inquiry about unpaid smoke-free Ontario fine. Unfortunately while your question is in relation to a licence suspension it is outside of the parameters on what our Firm can provide legal advice on as all we do...

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Warning Ticket

Hello Nancy, Warning Ticket inquiry? If you received a warning, it does not have to be contested, as the ticket would not contain a fine payable to the Court, or options on how to dispute the ticket. More information on traffic tickets can be found on our website....

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Suspended Licence – 2018-02-16

Thank you for your inquiry.  Unfortunately this is a common occurrence as people are not generally aware that failing to pay a fine for a moving violation will result in a suspension.  Being subsequently pulled over while your licence is suspended due to unpaid fines...

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