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Lane changing inquiry? We suggest disputing every offence, as there may be a way to eliminate the charge, or the demerit points during the process.

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Subject: Other driving charge
Name: Craig

I got a 142.1 ticket in my private vehicle. I have a CDL. On a multi-lane road I signaled, mirror and shoulder-checked but still didn’t see a vehicle. I started the move but quickly reversed it is I saw the other
bumper in my driver window. I never blocked a safe route straight ahead for the other vehicle. But they panic-reacted after I’d returned to my lane and lost control, fishtailing and hitting the median barrier 500m down the road (distracted?) They freely admitted to me they had “only been going 115 kph and had the cruise on. (It had snowed the night before and roads were brine-wet.) I don’t care about the fine; but the points go against my commercial license at a time when the ELD mandate may require me to shift to a company that does a different kind of trucking.