Hi Chandler,

That does not invalidate the ticket but you should still fight it. People, for some reason, seem to believe that the only way to defend tickets in Kitchener is via technicalities, and if there isn’t one then there is no point. This is completely false.

Technicalities are generally irrelevant, but we can find a way to defend or reduce almost any charge without any consideration given to technicalities whatsoever. They have to be significant in order to be relevant and are a factor in a defence in less than 1% of cases. Call us 1-866-801-8299; we can help.


Subject Speeding Ticket
Name Chandler
Inquiry I got a speeding ticket, and the officer didn’t write down both my
middle names that are clearly listed on my licence. I was just curious if
this would be considered a big enough error to get off of this ticket.