Hello Carrie,

You cannot rely on legal advice from your friends if they are not trained to provide it; the ‘M’ on the ticket does not automatically make the ticket invalid on it’s face.

This is however a serious charge and you are innocent, so you absolutely do need to fight this; we would be pleased to assist. Please call, toll free, 1-866-801-8299 and we will help you.

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Subject Other driving charge
Name Carrie
Inquiry I was pulled over last week and received a ticket for $400+ for use of a
communications device. The problem is that I was not using one. I was
stopped at a red light and about 3 blocks from my final destination. I was
in a rental SUV a Tuson and the officer was on motorcycle. I think that he
noticed my head facing down as I was getting stuff ready for when I reached
my appointment. I was getting my oxygen ready as well as pulling my glucose
testing kit out of my purse as I had not had a chance to check it and I was
going to do it as soon as I got to where I was going. If he was by chance
able to see what I was doing, he of course could have thought that the
black case it was in was a phone. This was to make sure I had done the
testing as I did not earlier do to having to deal with finding my car
stolen on that morning.
I have sent a request to my provider to get a copy
of any activity that was done on my phone 1/2 hour each side of the time on
my ticket.
One thing that really bothered me as I was not able to tell him
what I was doing. He approached my window requesting my licence and
registration plus proof of insurance. I gave him my license explained it
was a rental and provided the paperwork from the glovebox. He then walked
back to his bike. He returned and informed me that he was going to make my
day even worse and handed me back my stuff plus a ticket. I put everything
thing back in place and looked at the ticket. Thought I might have been
going over the speed limit as just st before where I was pulled over the
limit was 60 km but drops to 50 km at the top of the hill. But, when I saw
what it was I actually sat there for a few minutes in shock. I stayed there
for a few minutes with the officer behind me. I was not comfortable getting
out of my car to talk to the officer and he never return to see if there
was a problem, why was I still sitting there.
He never once verbalized why
he had pulled me over. I of course am going to fight the ticket, but
noticed something funny on it this morning. Under sex it states M (for male
of course) problem is I am a female and always have been, he could not have
missed that fact due to body features.
My house mate says that the M on
the ticket makes it invalid.
Could you confirm if his comment is
If end up in court is there anything else I should bring to help
my case?
Need to have this corrected as $490.00 for a fine is not within my
budget. My disability is $1200 a month. My mortgage alone is $910 and the
loan payment for my car is $262. Leaving me with $32 to pay other bills. So
I need to have strong proof that I was not on my phone. Again any help is
so greatly appreciated