Hello Martha,

All you can do at this stage is attend and explain why your license is important – there is a chance you will get to keep it.

This is unfortunately a common situation. What people should be doing is contacting us when they first get the ticket(s) and fighting every ticket in order to try to avoid a situation like this… we can almost always eliminate or reduce charges. The problem is that people often try to be their own legal expert until it is too late and then, after the damage is done, there is unfortunately little or nothing that we can do at that stage. I suspect your ‘slid on ice’ charge was a Careless, reduced to a minor, but it is important not to just go in and plead guilty to whatever the Prosecutor wants – if you were otherwise exercising caution, that may well have been a charge we could have completely eliminated. We always offer free initial consultations; call us first if you find yourself facing another ticket.

Best Regards


Subject Other (any/all other driving charges)
Name Martha
Inquiry I have two speeding tickets (30 over and 20 over) and a traffic ticket from
a minor accident (I slid on ice and rear-ended, dropped to failure to share
road). I have 9 demerit points and received a letter (after waiting 7
months) stating I need to attend a meeting to discuss whether I should keep
my license or have it suspended for 60 days. I really need my license as it
is my only way to get to work (I don’t work on a bus route and I work
in rural areas). What should I do and say in order to avoid a suspension?
My first ticket’s demerit points will be gone in October 2017, and
since it took so long to receive this letter, I thought I was okay. I have
a G license and I’ve been working really hard to avoid speeding ever

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