Hello Kath – sorry but we cannot assist with Saskatchewan matters – we are an Ontario Firm. Kevin

Subject No Insurance
Name Kath
Inquiry I was driving my car alone on a bad road icy conditions without knowing my
license plate is expired a week ago, which I drive it only once a week. I
didn’t know it because I didn’t received a renewal notice letter
from the SGI. The problem was I run into ditch and the car landed on side
with airbags deployed. I called 911 where rcmp and ambulance were presented
at scene. So I was taken to the hospital without injury. Right after I was
discharged from the hospital I went to renew my license plate. And now I am
asked to report to the rcmp for all the files reporting. What would be
happens to me? If I get ticket for driving a non licence plate car(no
insurance). Should I fight for it? I need help as I don’t want it on
my driving history.