Hello Georgette,

You should have your friend contact our office. The Officer can stand wherever he wishes but if your friend was still in the 80 zone he has a full defense. He will however be required to testify if it makes it all the way to trial. If he cannot attend, we can attend for him and seek to eliminate the charge, but we cannot testify as to what happened.

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Subject Speeding Ticket
Name georgette
Inquiry my friend was just outside of bolton when he got pulled over. He was in the
80 zone and was starting to slow down when he saw the 50 zone sign up
ahead. A policeman was just on the other side of the 50 zone sign and
stepped out to wave him in. He gave him a ticket for doing 72 in a 50
zone. He clearly clocked him while he was in the 80 zone still as he was
slowing down. He had slowed down to 50 and then slower as the police
officer was right there. Is this legal? To sit on the other side of a 50
zone and clock you when you are still in the previous zone? I am from
Alberta and i am pretty sure there is a law about how far the police have
to be from the sign indicating a speed limit change. He is from Saskatoon.
He was going to ask the policeman about it at the time but the officer
interrupted him and said…’what? you want to argue?