Hi Kurt,

The error does not defeat the ticket. You should however defend it.

We earn our living defending charges and would be pleased to assist you; I will have someone from our office follow-up with you.

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Subject Speeding Ticket
Name Kurt…

Inquiry I have read some of this thread and did a little research so far. Just got
a seepeding ticket on Sun (First one ever at 36) was driving in Ont moving
from a very fast 5-6 lane hiway to Hwy 89 a one lane that had a long
straight stretch with a huge passing zone. No traffic and about 9:45pm. Did
not notice gost car and got pulled over for doing 107 in a 80. I thought I
was going about 90-95. He did not barely speak a word and would not answer
my questions about paying for the ticket. I am mailing my notice to go to
court today. I noticed that the ticket is done fairly cleanly but do not
know what flaws to look for. I am going to ask for disclosure for sure. I
did notice that he wrote my licence number wrong, in the second set of five
numbers he clearly wrote a 9 when my licence says a 7. So the licence
number is not mine. Is that a case at all or not? Any help or suggestions
about this or even the way this thread has directed to do. I do not have
the time to read 500-600 pages I am on a month long CAF career

Thanks in advance.