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You need to contact your local Provincial Offences Court Courthouse and ask to schedule a meeting with a Justice of The Peace to arrange a payment plan. As far as I am aware they will not reduce the $ amount, unless you appeal previous convictions. However, a payment plan will allow you to get your driver’s license back and to keep it provided that you continue to make the payments as agreed. Good luck!

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Subject No Insurance
Name Newmom2014
Inquiry Hello. I got charged with permitting operation of a vehicle with no
insurance back in 1999. My license was suspended for nonpayment of fines.
I have totally forgotten about it since then. Now recently married and a
new mom my hubby and I are trying to get our debts paid off and I went to
get my G1 the other day and lady said I couldn’t because of the unpaid
ticket. I’m curious, can the courts accept (have they/do they) a payment
less than what is owed in order to settle the debt in full? Like 25%? 50%?
It’s been 16 years. I’m really hoping you have an answer.

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