Inquiry:  Hi my boyfriend got a ticket for failure to show insurance in 2006. I know we had insurance at the time and we can prove it. Our problem is that we forgot about it and there was a court date issued and unfortunately we did not get that paper as we bounced around a lot during that time. So when we went to renew his license we found out about it and they also added the charge of failure to surrender plates. Since he did not show up for the court date they issued a bench warrant in honolulu and we are currently on kauai (a whole different island) . I don’t know what to do we put in for a change of venue but we cannot pay the bench warrant from here and they wont let anyone but my boyfriend or an attorney, which we cannot afford , pay the bench warrant. Please can you help me.

Response:  Unfortunately you are outside of our area of service.  You will have to find a local legal representative to assist you in this matter.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)