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Unsafe lane change

Hello Emily, For an unsafe lane change or any ticket, we suggest fighting any offence, as there may be a way to have the ticket completely withdrawn, even if you have committed the offence. Please contact our office toll free at 1‑866-801-8299 for a free consultation,...

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Novice BAC-Incorrect Name

Hello Kay, Incorrect spelling of the name is not usually enough to have the ticket withdrawn, however, there may be other ways to defend your son's charge. The charge may also come with an automatic 30-day licence suspension from the Ministry of Transportation if he...

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Unpaid Fines

Hello Charlene,Unpaid FineThe fines will remain outstanding until they are paid in full, I would suggest contacting the Court to obtain further information regarding outstanding fines.Kaileigh Subject: Unpaid FinesName: charleneI have unpaid fines for over 12000$ ? is...

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Turn Not in Safety

Hello Karen, Please call our office (toll-free from anyplace in Ontario) at 1-866-801-8299 to discuss your offence of "turn not in safety" in greater detail. The discussion is free, but there are questions that we need to ask you in order to determine your options....

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Red light offence

Subject Red/Amber Light Name Ravinder Inquiry I never pay red light ticket. Now I receive notice 4th January last date. I need advice . Now what can I do? First time I don't know where going and how plz help me. Thank u  

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