Hi there,

is there any way to remove a speeding ticket from your drivers
abstract in Ontario? I’ve Ben unemployed for about a year and have a great
job opportunity, but I have a speeding ticket that is holding me back from
getting the job 🙁

Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.


ANSWER:  If the ticket went to a conviction a year or more ago, the only likely avenue open would be to file an appeal.  The appeal would have to have a valid argument such as the Court had made an error or that you had been convicted through no fault of your own.  We generally encourage people to have their charges reviewed before deciding whether to contest or plead guilty to them, especially when there is a potential impact on employability.  We offer a free initial consultation to clients to determine if a case is worth proceeding on.  At this point, unless there is a valid grounds for an appeal, you will likely be stuck with the conviction until it falls off your visible driver’s record.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London.