Inquiry:   I was given a speeding ticket – 86k in 60k zone as stated on the ticket.  The zone is however 50k (I took pictures) and I was driving with the flow of traffic. I have a clean driving record, I have not had a speeding ticket in 15 years. I will still go to court as the officer did not want to tell me where he tagged me and was not willing to share further information to see if and where I was tagged. The street mentioned has several speed limits on it so it is important where I was tagged and that the ticket is filled out correctly?

Response:  Before the start of trial our court staff still will have a full disclosure of the evidence to be used in that hearing.  A speeding offence at 86km/h in a 60km/h is a 3 demerit point offence.  A charge of speeding 86km/h in a 50km/h zone is a 4 demerit point offence (triggering escalated sanctions penalties for novice drivers).  We could certainly review the Prosecutor’s case to see if there is any grounds to have the charge withdrawn or dismissed.  Failing that, we could see whether the charge might be amendable to a lesser offence.  If you would like to discuss your case in more detail, we offer a no-cost initial review of cases via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)