Inquiry:  I’m not sure if I got a ticket yet but the other day I drove up to an intersection with a traffic camera. The light was red so I stopped & proceeded to make a right turn on a red light. It was really wet, dirty & slushy out that day and due to the dirt on the sides of my windshield and the sun shining directly at me I only noticed the no right turn on red sign after I had almost completed the turn. I would never had made the turn if I had seen the sign, I would have had no reason to do so. If I do get a ticket, would a judge reduce my fine possibly if I explained this.

Response:  For some areas, if you go to the court listed on the ticket, you can speak with a Court Clerk to give an explanation on why you can not afford the full fine and they may reduce it for you.

Greg Currie
Office Manger (London)