Inquiry:  I received a ticket on the weekend due to a rolling stop at a stop sign. I had recently moved in to a new house in a different town and my address had changed. I had a temporary license with my new address on it (a piece of paper) and my old one with my old information on it (it had a hole punched it it to show it’s not valid). I gave both pieces to the officer but he wrote my old info down instead of my new. Will this get me out of the ticket? or would it be better to plead guilty and pay it, or try and have it reduced?

ps if I do go to court and plead guilty but ask for a lower ticket, does the judge have authority to change the points that would go against my license? I really don’t want the points and would pay the ticket in full just to not get them.

Response:  Unfortunately you are not within our area of service.  You will need to contact a local legal representative to get assistance in your matter.

Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)