Inquiry:  I just recieved a letter in the mail stating that my licence was suspended do to an unpaid fine. so heres the story. I got pulled over for speeding like 16 over in a 50 and I hired a lawyer to fight the ticket. they went to court on my behalf and had the demerit points removed but I was to still pay the fine.. I moved since hiring the lawyer and they mailed me a notice of what happened in court but I never rrcieved it. so I just assumed they had everything dropped fines and points. I read that under some section I dont need to be told that my licence will be suspended if I do not pay the fine. I am inquiring if there is any way I can have the suspension removed from my record? It is only a 40 dollar ticket. I made an honest mistake I will pay for my mistake but I dont want a suspension on my record. I am not going to drive while suspended. I am trying to fix this messs asap as I drive for work. thanks for any advice.

Response:  It is very likely that the record of the licence suspension will have an impact on your insurance rates.  Unfortunately, by not updating your address with either the Court or your legal representative, the grounds for an appeal would be very weak.  The MTO does have a review process that you could attempt going through to plead your case in having the suspension removed, although I can not advise on whether they will see your situation as having any merit.  Worse case however is that they deny your request.  I hope this helps!

Best wishes,
Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)