Inquiry:  When I was 16, I had been stopped 5 times by the police. I have received 5 driving without a license tickets, as well as 2 speeding tickets. For a grand total of $1600.00. I have not been in a position to pay these tickets as they are still outstanding. I was wondering if I could still obtain a G1 and possibly fight the tickets or attempt to have them lowered. Is there any advice you have for me, anything would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Response:  The outstanding fines almost certainly must be addressed before you will be able to become licenced.  Either the fines will have to be paid off, or you will have to file with the court for an extension of time to pay the fines.  If the court will agree to an extension of payment, you can then go in to start the licencing process approximately one week later.  You will also need to keep on top of your agreed to payment schedule with the court or your licence will be suspended for non-payment.  For the most accurate information on licencing requirements and policy, I would recommend contacting the MTO directly.

Best wishes,
Greg Currie
Office Manager (London)