Inquiry: hi i was giving a road test withthe DMV personnel by my side. while road test, i failed to stop at the stop sign on in a 4 way intersection( stop sign was only in the way i was going) then in the middle of the intersection the lady who was taking my test screamed i didnt stop at the stop sign i got nervous and stopped the car in the middle section whn a car coming from left direction hit my driving side door and front wheel. i called the cops and no one was injured he made a draft and gave me a citation for disobeyed traffic sign. So is there any way i can defence myself from not getting the fine and the demerits. What i think is i was giving the road test how many people give road test and fail, because they do mistake which is not following the traffic rules which mean every person giving road test and failing should get a ticket and the cops should have like huge patrol around DMV and get some money for the goverment ticketing the road tester , i unfortunately got in to accident and had a big issue. .it wudnt happpen and would be just a failure to stop sign if the lady didnt scream in my ear and i wud pass thru the intersection.for most she would fail me in the road test. i was in fair speed between 25-30 in the 30 limit road and stopped few seconds before the car hit me i think the car was at a higher speed although he didnt have stop sigin in his road. he was a local lived one block from where the accident happened.

Response:  I believe from the phone number that you provided that you are in an area of the US that we do not cover (Minnesota).  While I can not provide you specific information regarding the laws in your area, it is likely that you are liable for the safety of your driving and obeying the rules of the road regardless of the status of your licence.  You may however be able to have the charge reduced or possibly eliminated by contesting the charge at Court.  If you are in Canada, you may wish to discuss this matter further with one of our staff via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299; if not, you may wish to consult a local lawyer to gather more specific information about the issues involved in your collision and charge.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London