Inquiry: I was on a street in a right lane, signalled and turned into the left lane. Within a second the light ahead turned yellow so I stopped and the car behind me that was behind me when I switched lanes was unable to come to a complete stop and hit in the rear bumper. Between the damage to the 2 vheilces we estimated the damage would be more than $1000. As there was no police on site, myself and the other driver went to the local police station and reported what happend. They charged me wtih not changing lanes in safety which surprised me given that he heit me in the rear. Given that there was no police officier on site, I am wondering if this charge will hold up in court. Appreciate your thoughts.

Response:  You may have a defense to the charge.  The first step will be to have the matter filed with the Court to prevent the charge from going to conviction.  Once we have had a chance to review the Prosecutor’s evidence for the case we should have a better idea about where a trial would likely go and whether or not the case can be settled without need for trial.  I would recommend speaking with one of our staff regarding the details of your case via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.

Greg Currie
Office Manager, London