Red Light Ticket

Have you received a Red Light - Fail to Stop, or Amber Light - Fail to Stop, ticket? - If you have, then here are the full implications of a conviction, and the different options you now have.

Penalties if convicted on Red Light - Fail to Stop charge

If you are found guilty, a conviction from a Red Light, or Amber Light, Fail to Stop charge will carry with it the following penalties:

  • 3 (three) Demerit Points
  • A conviction registered on your driving record
  • A fine of $200.00 (can go up to $1,000)
  • Increase to your insurance rates

You have the right to fight your Red Light, or Amber Light, charges in court.

You can either pay your ticket, or you can choose to save your money and your points, by using your right to fight your charges in court; and this is where we can help.

We, at Ticket Defenders®*, offer a free consultation to anyone who has received a Red Light, or Amber Light, ticket in Ontario. We will evaluate your ticket, the unique circumstances of your case, and the chances for getting your charges dismissed, or reduced, in court. We will then explain exactly how we can help you.

To arrange for your free consultation, please call our office at 1‑866‑801‑8299 or request a free, no-obligation traffic ticket consultation of your ticket online.

At your first, no-charge, no-obligation consultation, you can expect to get straightforward and honest advice. You can rest assured that we will never make any promises that we are not sure we can keep. Don't suffer any unnecessary consequences, when you have other, better, options. Let our traffic ticket agents use their knowledge and years of experience, to successfully defend your Red Light ticket in court.

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