Cayuga Traffic Ticket Defence

Have you received a traffic ticket in Cayuga, Ontario? – It is important to remember that just because you were issued a ticket, it does not automatically mean you are guilty. From experience of our experts on traffic ticket defence in Cayuga, many charges issued by the police are either incorrect or simply can not be proven in court. This is why you should always seek advice of an experienced paralegal before paying your ticket.

Many people charged with a traffic offence – whether it is a Speeding Ticket, Careless Driving or Stunt Driving ticket – are unaware of the legal nature of their offence and the full penalties associated with a conviction. There are many important questions for which you should ask for answers:

  • Does this charge carry a range of minimum to maximum fines which can be negotiated?
  • How many demerit points will be placed against my licence if convicted?
  • Will a conviction result in the loss, or suspension of my licence?
  • What is the likely impact of this charge upon my insurance rates?
  • Am I facing any possible time in jail if convicted?

These are all very valid and worrisome questions, and our team of experts on traffic offences in Cayuga can give you the answers that you need. The initial consultation with our professionals is always free.

At Ticket Defenders* we always take our time to personally review your charge and gather all of the individual facts of your case. We know that while charges can be the same, each person and situation are unique. We always thoroughly review the Prosecutor’s evidence, from both the police and any witnesses, and create the strongest possible defence in order to get the charges against you withdrawn or dismissed. In cases where a charge can not be argued out of court, it is likely that a settlement can be reached between the Prosecutor and your court agent reducing the penalties that you might face.

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Yes, we are open for business! However, in order to safeguard our staff and clients we are asking that you first contact the office by telephone or email before dropping by. (Toll Free All Ontario 1‑866-801-8299, or alternatively please use our submission form). Almost all cases can be handled by telephone + email without the necessity of attending an office. If an in-office meeting is required, we will let you know and will book a specific time for you. All initial consultations, whether in-office, by telephone, or online, are always free and without obligation.

Ticket Defenders* can help by providing you with all the correct and necessary information about your Cayuga traffic ticket. Knowing your rights and the penalties you face is essential once you have been issued a charge by police. Let our experts on ticket defence in Cayuga help you make the right decisions, and get the best possible outcome for your future.