Caledon Traffic Ticket Defence

If you have been charged with a traffic ticket in Caledon, or anywhere else in Ontario, knowing your legal rights is of the utmost importance. You have the right to defend your traffic ticket in court and, based on experience of our experts on traffic ticket defence in Caledon, you probably have good chances to succeed, too.

The fact is that being convicted of a traffic offence can bring with it many negative impacts on your life. Financially, you can expect unwanted costs from court, determined fines and increased insurance rates. However, more drastically than just finances, many convictions can result – depending on the charges – in a suspension or loss of your licence. As you can imagine, losing your licence even temporarily can have many long term repercussions for your job and for you and your family.

But not all is bad: we at Ticket Defenders* know that Highway Traffic Act, and Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act charges can, indeed, be successfully fought, and won, in court. Our highly experienced team of paralegals is trained to thoroughly examine your case, the prosecutor’s arguments, and all the evidence, in order to build you the best possible defence for court. We can get your charges reduced, withdrawn or even dismissed, thus saving you money, points, and even your licence.

The initial consultation with our ticket defence specialists is provided at no charge.

To get more information on your specific charge and the penalties you might be facing, feel free to contact us today.

Contact Our Experts on Traffic Tickets in the Caledon Area

If you have received a Careless Driving, Stunt Driving, Speeding Ticket, and would like to fight your charges and avoid demerit points, contact our traffic offence experts. Our ticket defence office serving Caledon is located at Kitchener. You are welcome to visit us, but you can also contact us by phone or e-mail, if that is more convenient for you.

Request a free, no-obligation traffic ticket consultation, now! Our agents, specialists on traffic ticket defence in Caledon, have all been trained by a former Senior Provincial Offences Prosecutor. You can help protect yourself by employing the best representation possible before your Caledon traffic ticket results in a conviction leading to consequences that may affect your life.