Why Hire Former Prosecutors

Once a Police Officer lays a charge, his or her control and discretion are at an end and the only remaining task is to appear as a witness for the Prosecution in order to testify. The charge is now completely in the hands of the Prosecutor.

In the Court system it is the Prosecutor who runs the Court. It is the Prosecutor’s task to assign charges as he or she sees fit. Only a Prosecutor can ask for a charge to be withdrawn; only a Prosecutor can agree to plea bargain to a reduced charge and, if the matter proceeds to trial, it is the Prosecutor who asks all the questions, conducts the case and argues the law.

If you proceed to defend your ticket, you will be faced with a Prosecutor who handles Court cases all day, every day. Wouldn’t it make sense to hire a company run by a former Prosecutor in order to help balance the scale? At Ticket Defenders®*, our Principal has worked in the Courts since 1989 and has acted as both an Assistant Crown Attorney in the Criminal Courts, and as a Traffic Court Prosecutor in Provincial Offences Court.