Niagara Falls Traffic Ticket Defence

Don’t just pay your Niagara Falls traffic ticket. You might not be fully aware of the full penalties associated with a conviction for your traffic ticket charges. Charges issued by the police may be incorrect or not provable in court.

Call our traffic ticket experts at Ticket Defenders®* for a FREE consultation about your Niagara Falls traffic ticket.

* Call 1‑866‑801‑8299 (toll-free)
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Our offices are open from Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm.
A free consultation, with no-obligation, is available on all charges. Our staff are routinely in court so if you do wish to drop into the office, please call first to book an appointment to ensure that someone is available to meet with you. We can always start by discussing the case with you by telephone and there is typically no need for you to actually attend the office at all. All of our offices work together as one team and there is always a staff member available to speak with clients. We will discuss the case with you and provide you with a quote; we can then simply send you the forms by email and then we will take care of the rest.

Whether it is a Careless Driving, Stunt Driving, Speeding Ticket, Drive Suspend, No Insurance, or any other traffic ticket in Niagara Falls, call our trusted traffic ticket experts at Ticket Defenders®*. Let us protect your driving record, your money and your insurance rates, and save you demerit points.

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