Seatbelt Ticket

Did you get a Seatbelt ticket? If so, then remember that just because you were charged, it does not mean your only option is to pay the ticket. You can also fight your Seatbelt ticket in court, and we can help you.

To arrange for a free consultation with our traffic court agents, please contact one of our ticket defence offices or send us a request for a free, no-obligation traffic ticket consultation. We always give our clients straightforward, honest advice. This allows them to make an informed decision, and choose the correct option for them, and their situation.

Penalties for a Seatbelt infraction

In the province of Ontario the penalty for a Seatbelt infraction is a $240.00 fine and two demerit points; which likely will cause an increase to your insurance rates.

The good news is that our traffic ticket experts successfully defend, and win, Seatbelt charges on a regular basis. Backed with years of experience, we will know what to do in order to get your ticket reduced, or dismissed, therefore, saving you money and points.

To find out exactly how we can help you, simply contact us online for a free, no-obligation traffic ticket consultation of your Seatbelt ticket and your chances in court.

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