Company History

Ticket Defenders Professional Corporation is the result of the joining of two historic paralegal companies in Ontario, going back decades. Streetwise Paralegal was a company founded by a retired Waterloo Regional Police Officer, Charlie Nagy. Charlie began the Firm in the early 1980’s, so our roots actually go back well over 30 years. We are in fact older than all but only a few paralegal companies in the Province.

In 1999 Kevin Burrows, a lawyer, purchased Streetwise from Charlie, and hired a retired OPP Officer, Jim Wittig to handle the paralegal side of the Firm. Eventually a former Prosecutor would take Jim’s place, when Mr. Wittig moved on to begin his own independent practice, and then later to work as Provincial Prosecutor.

In 2002, Kevin and his business partner purchased another paralegal firm called Ticket Defence, from Chuck Peltz, a retired Provincial Court Prosecutor who had entered into private practice after retirement from his Prosecutorial Position. Kevin’s former business partner took over the running of the Firm for a number of years until Kevin re-purchased the entire Firm in 2013. That former partner, Ron Harper, is no longer associated with Ticket Defenders Professional Corporation in any way, and has no relationship to Ticket Defenders®*.

Ticket Defenders Professional Corporation is known as one of the big 4 Firms in the Province, and is the most prominent Firm in Southwestern Ontario, focusing on the area between Windsor and Toronto, i.e. the Toronto-Windsor corridor. The Firm also has professional relationships with Law Offices and Paralegal companies all across Ontario and can act on behalf of local clients to ensure that their case can be handled effectively wherever the offence may have occurred.

As you can see, Ticket Defenders®* has always grown and enjoyed strong success, based on solid morals, strong experience, great service and reasonable pricing. We are very proud of our respected reputation and plan to uphold it well into the future. However, don’t just take our word for it: please, take a moment, and read through some of the testimonials from our clients.

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