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Speeding Ticket (4/9/2013)

Inquiry:  I got pulled over on March 18th and was just reveiwing my speeding ticket that I recieved and the officer writing the ticket forgot to fill in the  "Speed Limit" and "Recorded Speed". What happens with that because they have no rate of speed or how fast I...

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Errors On Speeding Ticket

Inquiry: On my speeding ticket my name is spelled wrong as well as my address. Does this mean the ticket is voided? Response:  Unfortunately not.  They are issues that we do want to be aware of, but they are almost certainly in and of themselves not sufficient to have...

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Speeding Ticket With Errors

Inquiry:  I got a speeding ticket of 75KM in a 60KM zone. However on the ticket to officer wrote the year of my birth date as 1976 instead of 1979 and he wrote the address as Woodlawn Road/River Road Wainfleet instead of Woodlawn Road/River Road Welland. Are either or...

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Wrong Gender On Speeding Ticket

Inquiry:  I got my first speeding ticket (first ticket in general) and they wrote on the ticket that I was a male, I'm a female and he added 2km to the speed I was doing. I didn't see this until after I left. The speed I was doing was 72 in a 50 (he showed me the gun...

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No Date On My Speeding Ticket?!

Inquiry:  I receive a speeding ticket but it had no offence date on it, not even a year, is this grounds for it to be quashed? Response:  With that error, the Officer may not even file the ticket.  You will likely want to follow up with the local court clerks a couple...

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Speeding Ticket With Error In Address

Inquiry:  I just got a speeding ticket and my friend said if anything was wrong on a ticket, it could be dropped. The cop happened to write my address correctly but wrote in a different city. Would this be enough? Response:  Unfortunately you are outside of our area...

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Incorrect Date On Speeding Ticket (10/28/2012)

Inquiry:  i got a speeding ticket today, which was dated incorrectly. todays date is 10/28 and my ticket reads 11/28. funney enough the court date is 11/26..can i fight it? Response:  Unfortunately you are outside our area of service.  You will have to contact a local...

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Speeding Ticket With Wrong Date Of Offence

Inquiry:   Hi I received my first speeding ticket yesterday (speeding 60km in a 50km zone) - October 22; however, the officer wrote down October 16th as the date of the offense. Is this worth fighting? Response:  The charge does not carry demerit points, but is...

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Daughter’s Speeding Ticket

Inquiry:  My 20 year old daughter got a speeding ticket for 21 kms over the limit with no demerit points and then received notice her license was suspended for 30 days? How do they suspend her license if she received no demerit points? This was her first ever ticket....

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Name Spelled Incorrectly On Speeding Ticket

Inquiry:  Hello, I just got my first speeding ticket today :/ and I was looking over the ticket and they spelt my name wrong, I've heard that if the officers do spell your name wrong it makes the ticket invalid, is this true? Response:   The incorrect spelling of your...

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