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How does a Speeding Ticket affect you?

In Ontario, one of the most common tickets issued is the speeding ticket. Most drivers have gone or will eventually go over the speed limit. Though the penalties for a speeding ticket vary depending on the driver's speed, it can affect your driving record, your...

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Speeding Ticket Error

Inquiry:   Hello I received a speeding ticket, " 79 in a 50" however on the ticket the officer put that I was doing 79 in a 80. Can this be dismissed? ( speeding limit in the zone is 50) Response:  The error may be a grounds to defend the charge upon.  We would need...

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Speeding Ticket – 2013-10-22

Inquiry: I have a speeding ticket. I'm from Mexico. I don't have a US driver license. At the moment I was stopped I didn't have my passport. My Name is incorrect, the address is incorrect. My description is incorrect. Where it says License there are some XXX. At that...

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Speeding Ticket -2013-10-03

Inquiry:   Hello, I received a Ticket for excessive speed (40km+) in Aug 2013.  Resonantly I realized something that not only myself and my wife missed, but also the Officer who wrote me the ticket did too...the car I was driving had been uninsured since Jan 2013! 6...

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Speeding Ticket – 2013-09-15

Inquiry: I received a speeding ticket. On the ticket the officer wrote down the wrong street where he pulled me over, plus he embellished and bumped my speed up by 10 km more than what I was travelling. This particular office has a bad reputation in the community for...

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Wrong Speed Limit On Speeding Ticket (?)

Inquiry:   I was given a speeding ticket - 86k in 60k zone as stated on the ticket.  The zone is however 50k (I took pictures) and I was driving with the flow of traffic. I have a clean driving record, I have not had a speeding ticket in 15 years. I will still go to...

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Speeding Ticket In a School Zone

Inquiry: I was tagged by a laser going 49 in a school zone. On the ticket they checked both adult and youth. Is there any way I can get out of it because of this? I turn 18 before my appointed court date Response:  Unfortunately you are outside of our area of...

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Error On Speeding Ticket

Inquiry:  I received a speeding ticket for driving 65km/h in a 550km/h zone. Yes, 550km/h zone is what is on the ticket. Is that a fatal error? Response:  It could potentially be a fatal error.  However, we have to be careful on how we proceed in such cases, and I...

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Speeding Ticket – Error In Date Of Birth

Inquiry:  the officer issuing me a speeding ticket incorrectly transcribed my date of birth (the year portion) .....what are my options to fight the ticket ? Response:  The error in the date of birth will not, in and of itself, be a sufficient grounds to have the...

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Incorrect Date On Speeding Ticket (4/16/2013)

Inquiry:  I got a speeding ticket on April 14, 2013 but the officer wrote April 13  which I was no where near that area on April 13, is this grounds to have the ticket reversed Response:  Unfortuntely, that is not necessarily a grounds to have the charge thrown out. ...

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