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Insurance Charges

 Inquiry:  I was charged with fail to surrender insurance card, but did not have  insurance at the time. If I plead guilty to the fail to surrender charge,  will they somehow find out I was driving with no insurance and give me a bigger fine? Response:   We can not...

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No Insurance – 2013-02-11

Inquiry:  i have a no insurance ticket which is due in three days. I have been on Ontario works since the last year, so i couldn't pay the ticket. What are the consequences of not paying a no insurance ticket on time? Response:  If a fine is unpaid to the Court, then...

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No Insurance

Inquiry:  i just wanted to know if the is a certain amount of time a cop has to give you before appearing in court i was told it was legally 22 days. Response:  Unfortunately you are outside of our area of service.  You will need to contact a local legal...

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Collision With Expired Insurance

Inquiry:   i was in an at fault accident in sept,just 9 days after my insurance expired.there was no damage to both cars and i asked the other driver to settle out court. traffic cop came and the guy said he was fine, he would check with his dr the next day.Myself and...

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No Insurance Charge – 2012-10-08

Inquiry:  I was pulled over and recieved a summons to court for failing to have insurance. My insurance expired as of September without my knowledge. I was absent during the summer and hadnt noticed that there was insufficient funds in the account, my policy was...

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No Insurance Gone To Conviction In Error?

Inquiry:  I was convicted for driving with a suspended licence due to unpaid fines.  When I was pulled over I handed the officer the wrong insurance, and also received a charge of driving without insurance. After she was finished writing the ticket I produced the...

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Incorrect Postal Code On Summons

Inquiry:  I Was Just Pulled Over In Toronto On Danforth And I Got 3 Tickets 1 For No Insurance 1 For Use Plate Not Authorized For Motor Vehicle And 1 For Fail To Apply For Permit And Become Owner I Got Home And Looked Over The Ticked And Noticed That On All 3 Tickets...

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