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Out-Of-Province Unpaid Fine

Inquiry:  I got a 5000$ no insurance ticket in ontario with an out-of-province drivers license. However after talking to my local licensing office they basically told me they don't work well with ontario. My thoughts were forget the ticket but now I am starting to...

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Multiple Charges – 2014-07-28

Inquiry:  Owner operate MV on hwy no insurance, use plate not authorized for vehicle, fail to have insurance card, drive motor vehicle no insurance, drive motor vehicle no validation on plate. These are the tickets I was given. I am listed as a driver on a different...

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Operate M/V No Insurance

Inquiry:  I got pulled over and need to go to court because I didn't have any insurances on my car. The officer was kind enough to let me leave with my car to pick up my kids and then to go back home. The reason why I don't have insurance is because my ex is not...

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Insurance Charge

Inquiry: I was pulled over November 2012, and given a ticket for my license being expired. Officer informed me that if I went to the MTO the next day, that they would drop the ticket. I did, and called in as requested to the station, and the person on the phone said...

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