Traffic Ticket Defence - DUI

DUI / Over 80

Inquiry:  I got dui cops said lisence was suspended for three months but i went and asked cops they said it never was and then mto also said it never was and when they processed charges they screwed it right up does that mean im allowed to drive Response: ...

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DUI / Over 80 – Court Date

Inquiry:  court date for a dui isn't until 2075. whats up with that? Response:  We would have to review your court documents in more detail.   Given that you are facing a possible Criminal Code of Canada conviction with serious penalties, it is important to proceed...

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Fines Owing To The Court And Licence Suspension

Inquiry:   Hello i have a drivers insurance act fine from 2008 i didnt know about it  as my lawyer delt with it without me in court i found out about via letter say i own over 9 grand ive asked the court for an extention and to reduce fine only thing they gave me was...

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