Traffic Ticket Defence - Drive Suspended

Prosecuter Office

Hello Keir, You should get proof from the Prosecutor's office, or Court, that the charge was in error and that should satisfy your insurance company. Good Luck & Best Regards, Kevin Subject Drive Suspended Name Keir Inquiry I recevied a notice in the mail and it...

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Criminal Offence

Hello GK, This is not a criminal offence, but it is a serious Highway Traffic Act offence. Drive Suspended results in a minimum $1000 fine plus victim fine surcharge of 25% and an automatic 6-month licence suspension. It is also considered a major offence for...

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Recieved A Ticket

Hello Lars, Unfortunately they generally do have a method of proving that notification was sent. A record is produced by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles showing it's mailing to the last address you have on record with the Ministry. Mailing is deemed service and the...

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Formal Notice

Hello Ginger, Since you have now been given formal notice of the suspension (2 ways) both will be on file with the Ministry. You must not drive until your license is reinstated, or you will be charged with the serious offence of Drive Suspended; which carries a...

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Hello Galia, Yes the suspension was automatic because this was a 4 demerit offence. I do not wish to add more pain to the situation, but we would certainly have been able to avoid that if we had the ticket to defend at the outset. We always offer a free consultation,...

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