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Drive Suspended – How To Pay Fines

We certainly do handle these charges all the time. In order to provide proper legal advice we would need to speak to you directly to gather more information. Our office offers a free consultation either by phone or at any of our offices. Ticket Defenders Subject Drive...

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Drive Suspended – Failure To Pay

Hello Kurt, If you commit offences that would result in a license suspension, one is registered - even if you do not have a license. You need to contact the courts to determine outstanding fines and try to work out a payment plan, and contact the MTO re: license...

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Traffic Tickets – Unpaid Fines

Hello T... while we cannot provide legal advice on what the MTO records will disclose, the short answer is that Suspensions in one Province are enforced by other Provinces and States. Kevin   Subject Drive Suspended Name T Phone Inquiry I have an unpaid fine in...

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Reinstating Your Ontario Driver’s Licence

Hi Janet, You need to contact the court to ask to meet with a Justice of the Peace - and contact the MTO to determine the procedure from there... Best Regards, Kevin Subject Drive Suspended Name janet Inquiry i have 3 sets of traffic fines in Windsor, but 1 set was...

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Hi Karen, It depends upon the jurisdiction, the only way to be sure is to contact the court and ask. If you let it go to suspension you will not only have to pay the fine to get it back, but also a reinstatement fee.  They do send a notice to your last known address,...

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Drive Suspened

Hello Francine, Yes the drive suspended fine will still exist. You should contact the court and ask to meet with a Justice of The Peace to try to work out a payment plan. You will have to inquire of the MTO as to getting a license. Best Regards, Kevin 1-866-801-8299...

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Criminally Charged

Hi Deb, You cannot be criminally charged unless the suspension was as a result of a criminal conviction. You can however be charged under the Highway Traffic Act, but they would have to be able to prove the case against you. Hard to imagine how that would happen...

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Suspend It

Hello Mike, Yes. They assign you a # and suspend it, which means if you drive again and are stopped you will be charged with Drive Suspended which results in a minimum of $1,000 fine + surcharge and an automatic 6 month license suspension. Convictions to Drive...

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