Traffic Ticket Defence - Drive Suspended

Drive Suspended Charge – What to do next?

One of the most serious offences under the Highway Traffic Act is driving while suspended. If your driver's licence was suspended and you were caught driving, the consequences can be tough. Apart from costly fines and further suspension of your licence, your insurance...

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Drive Suspend

Subject Drive Suspended Name Maninder Inquiry Hi my licence had suspended last october 16 and I caught by a officer on 17 october and got summon. What I have to do now.  

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2017-10-22 Drive No Licence

Hi Terry, You could have been charged with Drive No License, or Drive Suspended. If the latter, you certainly need to fight is, but either way we can probably assist. Pleas call our office. Kevin Subject Other (any/all other driving charges) Name Teri Inquiry I was...

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Drive Suspended – Expired Plate Stickers

Hello Karen, Yes he would have to pay outstanding fines related to the plate stickers. If he was also convicted of Drive Suspended he may, or may not have a defence to the charge that would support an appeal, depending upon when the conviction happened. Please have...

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2017-10-11 Drive Suspended

Hi Edward, This is a serious charge and carries a minimum $1,250 fine including surcharge and an automatic 6 month licenses suspension. Please call 1-866-801-8299, we will help you. Kevin Subject Drive Suspended Name Edward

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Drive Suspended

Q: Subject Drive Suspended Name Kim J Phone Inquiry was pulled over for driving with suspended in Waterloo and received a notice to appear that was dated for a stat holiday date and the court was closed. The offense happened outside of my home region in Waterloo and I...

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Extension of Time to file Tickets

Q: Subject Drive Suspended Name keron Inquiry Can I still file for an extension of time to pay fines if my tickets went to collectors? A: To get an extension of time to pay fines, you will need to contact the court and ask to meet with a Justice of The Peace.

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Traffic Tickets Outside Ontario

Sorry Marshall, but we are a Canadian Firm and only practice in Ontario, Canada - we cannot assist with, nor give advice on U.S. charges. Subject Drive Suspended Name Marshall Inquiry I rec'd a ticket in Virginia (I have an Arkansas license) but did not pay the ticket...

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Traffic Ticket Defence – Suspended Licence

Hello Joseph, As I understand it you are not currently suspended nor are you facing any charges, so there is nothing that we can assist you with on a professional basis. Drive suspended in Ontario is a serious charge and you should always have professional...

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