Thank you for your inquiry.

 You should contact the court where the majority of your charges are out of and ask to schedule an appointment to meet with a Justice of the Peace to work out a payment plan.  Unfortunately, you are well outside of the limitation period to file an appeal to try to dispute the charges.  Certainly, if you had any ongoing tickets we would be able to assist you in fighting them.

Best of luck sorting this all out.

The Team at Ticket Defenders.


I believe back in 2009 I got pulled over and got three tickets one was for
no insurance, wrong plate on vehicle and no ownership. 8 days later I got
the same 3 tickets and was under suspension. I never fought it or went to
court because I had been in a abusive relationship for a long time and I
went to stay in a shelter and wasnt working at the time. Now I wasnt aware
that I could of set up a payment plan and kept my license so because it
past the three years ans I owe like 8600 am I able to get my license
reinstated after so long and try get it reduced and make payments or can I
not get in reinstated until I pay in full