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For a fail to move ticket, the Officers do not have to be outside of their vehicle in order to issue an offence for failing to move into another lane for an emergency vehicle; however, there still may be a way to fight the charge. We suggest disputing every offence, as they can be problematic for insurance rates. For more information on the “Move Over Law” check out Ontario Ministry Of Transportation to learn more.

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Inquiry:Fail To Stop for, Obey Direction of, or Move Over for Police

Name:  Melody

An OPP SUV followed me after I passed them
pulled over and claimed I should have switched lanes. There were 2 cruisers
with one vehicle. No one was out of the cars, no doors were open. They were
pulled far off of the road, and I was not speeding. I slowed down and
swerved out of my lane, but did not change lanes. One of the OPP seemed to
chase me, followed so closely, without his lights flashing. I pulled to the
side because it made me nervous with someone so close – I could not even
see the top of his car to know it was an OPP. He followed me and proceeded
to write me a $490 ticket for failing to switch lanes. I feel this was
abusive and harassing and undeserved. I was not aware that I had to pull
into the next lane. Could he not have just given me a warning??? Can I
fight this? I really cannot afford $500!! To make matters worse, today I
saw a cruiser (with his lights on) with a car pulled over. I stopped and
watched to see if cars were changing lanes as they went by. THEY WERE NOT!!
I watched 3 of them go by without lane changes, just like I did. I guess I
was just the unlucky recipient of a cranky cop. 🙁